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Grumme film på Faces in the Dark-festivalen

Tidligere i år kørte den første udgave af Faces in the Dark-festivalen i Husets Biograf i København. I weekenden den 31. januar 2014 til og med den 2. februar vender festivalen tilbage. De tre dage har hvert deres tema. Fredag byder på "Gang Wars & Sex", mens det søndag gælder "Cannibals & Kung Fu". Her vil man kunne se Joe D'Amatos EMANUELLE E GLI ULTIMI CANNIBALI fra 1977.

Men det er helt klart lørdag den 1. februar, der disker op med det mest spændende program for horror-fans. Temaet er "Vampires & Zombies", og det er (u)lækre sager, man kan komme til at se - alt sammen på 35mm-kopier. Det koster 50,- kr. pr. film, men snupper man alle film på en dag, kan man slippe med 70,- kr. Her er lørdagens program - beskrivelserne af filmene er hentet fra Husets hjemmeside:
  • Kl. 18:00: LA NOTTE DEI DIAVOLI/NIGHT OF THE DEVILS (Italien-Spanien, 1972, Giorgio Ferroni). This gothic Italian vampire film was based on Tolstoy's short story "La Famille du Wurdulak" which also served as inspiration for Mario Bava's "The Wurdalak" in BLACK SABBATH (1963). Ferroni refuses to take a back seat to Bava and delivers a moody and atmospheric film with a psychedelic touch. There is shocking gore and full frontal nudity in what was Ferronis second and last horror film (the first being the incredible MILL OF THE STONE WOMEN, 1960.
  • Kl. 20.00: ...E TU VIVRAI NEL TERRORE! L'ALDILÀ/THE BEYOND (Italien, 1981, Lucio Fulci). Fulci's metaphysical horror zombie masterpiece is about an old hotel built on one of the seven gateways to hell! It's a film of startling images and nightmarish themes beautifully captured by cinematographer, Sergio Salvati. Then add to the mix tons of gory highlights and a haunting score composed by Fabio Frizzi and you have one of the greatest and most extreme Italian horror films of all time. Known in Denmark as WOODOO - RÆDSLERNES HOTEL.
  • Kl. 22:00 DELLAMORTE DELLAMORE (Italien-Frankrig-Tyskland, 1994, Michele Soavi). The story centers on a lonely cemetery attendant, Francesco, and his nerdy deaf-mute assistant, Gnaghi. Every seven days the dead rise from their graves and they must kill them... The film balances between tongue-in-cheek zombie horror comedy and serious art. Soavi, who previously worked with Argento, is an accomplished craftsman and the camera work and direction are highly stylized. On top of that there is a unusual depth to the characters and the performances are truly convincing. One of the best horror films of the 90's.

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